On 20 June 2016, the Swiss Parliament voted on the new Swiss Citizenship Act (“SCA”), which will come into force on 1 January 2018.  The main aim of the new law is to limit the issuance of Swiss citizenship to...[more]


Britain should look to Switzerland for a post-Brexit model of 'close co-operation', German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has claimed. He said Britain needed a 'wise political solution' to Brexit and cited how Switzerland...[more]


Post-Brexit Britain is likely to opt for a Swiss-style solution – rather than a Norwegian model – to oversee relations with the European Union. The Swiss path should offer greater flexibility but is strewn with obstacles, warns...[more]


On 04.03.2016 the Federal Council submitted to Parliament several pieces of draft legislation to implement the constitutional provisions on immigration. The Federal Council is continuing to push for a mutually agreed solution...[more]


BERN - The bilateral agreement on the free movement of people prevails in the referendum on 9 February on the federal popular initiative “against mass immigration”. If Switzerland wants to limit the influx of migrant workers...[more]


Switzerland is the most economically free country in Europe, according to an annual index by the Heritage Foundation, an American conservative think tank. “Notable successes” were judged to be rule of law, open markets and...[more]


Switzerland and the People's Republic of China have maintained bilateral relations since 1950. Relations between the two countries have intensified in recent years, as evidenced by regular high-level visits between the two...[more]